Pafos is a coastal city in southwest Cyprus. Its location, temperate climate, historic and cultural attractions, and physical b​eauty m ake it a wonderful place to live. The city also attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.​


​Housing and accommodation​​

Appropriate housing near to campus will be made available for students. In addition, Pafos has many hotels distributed all over the city, some located next to the campus, which can be used for visiting families and friends.​


Buses are an easy, safe, and inexpensive way to get around Pafos. The bus network in Pafos includes​ both urban and suburban routes. The nearest bus station to the AUB Mediterraneo campus is just a minute away.

Other options are rental vehicles or taxis, in addition to walking or biking, to enjoy the city's sites and streets.


Pubs, restaurants, cafes, beaches and resorts, archaeological sites, amusement parks, cinemas, theaters, hiking and water activities are some of the many leisure options that can be found in​ Pafos.

Cost of living

Pafos, Cyprus provides an affordable and comfortable lifestyle for students pursuing their academic journey, with an estimated monthly cost ranging between 800 and 1200 euros, including rental expenses.

​ In addition to the favorable cost of living, saving opportunities will be available to students of the American University of Beirut - Mediterraneo.

Safety and security

Pafos is a safe and tolerant place. In fact, Cyprus is considered to be among the safest countries in the world.


The city's climate is pleasant throughout the year. The average temperature for the entire year is 24℃ / 75℉.      ​​​


Pafos International Airport is located 15 km from the city center. Several airlines fly into Pafos airport including British Airways, Easyjet, Lufthansa, and Ryanair.​

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